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Originally Posted by Victorious4.8is View Post
After you cleaned everything up did you start the vehicle and turn the wheels to see if you could identify the source of the leak? Seems like an awful lot of fluid being loss. I'm thinking it might be coming from a power steering system line or fitting as well.

Not sure how much investigating you want to do but you could also un-clip the boot covering the suspected leak and pull it back and take a direct look at the end of the steering rack. If you pull that boot back and a bunch of fluid gushes out then you've found your leak. Use a zip-tie to reseal the boot and head to the shop.

Hope this helps and you get your leaked fixed asap!
Thanks for posting your thoughts on the problem.

Yesterday after refilling the PS reservoir we turned the steering back and forth without any indication of the leak. But the front was on jack stands . So there was very little resistance. So I reinstalled the plastic panel that hides nearly all of the PS bellows, mounted the tire and let it back down.

Today I drove it 50 miles to the shop. I stopped several times to check the PS fluid — there was almost no PS fluid loss. So the trip was safe and not very messy

Here's my take on what happened….

This a link to a BMW PS rack with the passenger boot off that confirms that the rack is sealed inside the cylinder and the boot protects the extended rack from dust/debris.

This means that an end seal would leak into the boot until the boot was full. What happens next is up to the structural integrity of the boot. For example…

Since the tie rods attach in front of the wheel, the maximum pressure on the passenger end seal is when you turn left. And that is also when the bellows of the boot on the passenger side are compressed the most. So if the passenger side end seal is leaking, it would try to leak fluid into the passenger side boot at the same time that the volume in the accordion shaped boot was being reduced. If the boot was already full and had a hole in it, like mine does, the extra fluid would be squeezed out by the boot. At first this small spillage would probably be “contained” on the surfaces of the the various parts and plastic panels etc.. But eventually the leakage would start dripping onto the garage floor.

Note: any power steering leak puddle on the garage floor can be delayed until the boot is full. IOW nearly a quart of power steering fluid can leak into the boot(s) before you see evidence of leakage on a garage floor In my case it took nearly a quart of PS fluid to refill the almost empty reservoir. So regularly checking the power steering reservoir has become a much higher priority maintenance item for me.

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