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Originally Posted by TiAgX5 View Post
I agree Trump won't be trigger happy with the military.

Make no doubt, IF Trump lets loose the "Dog of War", they will have a clear objective, and WILL fight an enemy until the end. No more wars where the enemy "cries uncle", and the US military stops. This has those who hate the USA scared.

Just like he was decisive when he turned tail on Iran after discovering at the last minute that 150 poor Iranians would be killed?

It has shocked me over the years how trump supporters seem to 'need' something...and as a result, they find that thing in his actions. Even if it really isnt there. Trump just becomes the vessel for their personal desires. I mean if you look at the whole Trump Show, it is a wink and a nod to "Trump as Whatever You Need Him to Be". Go to a Trump Rally, peruse the vendor offerings...

Yeah, trump the tough guy when he unleashes the dogs of war will fight that enemy to the end.

Speaking of which, you must have been proud to hear Trump was planning on capitulating to the Taliban on US soil on Sept 11. They sure were scared,eh?

But in todays news.....

Welp...the impeachment of Donald J Trump. Traitor in Chief.

Trump, Pence, Pompeo. Barr, Giulaini... corrupt and treasonous

The speed of this downfall has been astonishing. So much bad will has been sewn by Trump, that this may be quite something....

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