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Originally Posted by andrewwynn View Post
It's a great theoretical method but it's a lot harder to take measurements in the range of 1/32 to 1/64 that matter in toe alignment than detecting a deflection in a straight string which you can easily tell when the string goes from touching to bending. It's quite easy to get within 0.05 angle using a string.

I was originally going to use a laser with a magnet to send a dot to the garage door and measure the distance between them left and right until I discovered the string method that road racers do to set up their toe

The problem with only referencing the other wheels/tires is that you can end up with a perfect alignment that is "crabbing" down the road. Unless something is broken or damaged from an accident, I doubt that will happen. Also it will keep the tires from destruction even if the car goes down the road at a slight angle from straight.
This is the way we string our cars at the track. No way of creating a box out of square when you measure the box from the axle ends. The wheels don't even come in to play until our box is made. We have fixtures made to attach to the front and rear bumpers with a rod like you see in the picture, no jack stands needed.

And we use millimeters.
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