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Originally Posted by ChiefRider View Post
I have yet to ramp up my enthusiasm for working on this thing. Perhaps if I stop shooting myself in the foot every time I touch it, might help.

I removed the actuator, which allowed me to fit the carrier in place. I re-used the OE dogpoint screw to attach the cover, but am pretty sure after $#^%ing around trying to align it properly, I managed to cross-thread it into the cover. Hopefully I won't be removing it again anytime soon.

This brings me to the door lock actuator. I assumed I could rotate the latch into the closed position, and use the exterior handle to ensure it would release prior to actually closing the door. Apparently this too is not the case, as I have not yet figured out how to return the components to the open position. So, back to the forum to research the actuator.

I am humbly reminded why I quit working on my own vehicles after parting with my old M-B 240D.
you can rotate the latch to test, you probably just didn't rotate it enough to the fully locked position
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