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Hello I have a 02 X5 4.6is e53 #12. I'm posting because I have ran through and ran out of options. Have the trifacta lights transmission fail safe I have replaced the alternator the battery had my ABS module repaired checked and cleaned all connectors will speed sensors everything that I can find went to go check all the fuses I pulled the theaftproof number 13 fuse the alarm went off plugged it back in now it will not start to add to my other issues. Pleaseneeded advice what to do as I am stuck. I have INPA and a AUTEL. The autel pulles 5A,3A, FB,DB AND a 93 (ews) CODE. My INPA only let's my in the engine. PLEASE HELP. I have been reading the forums for about 3 months now and have done everything but drop the pan. Just want to make sure I have done everything I can before that and get this INPA to read everything so I have more info before doing the valve body.
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