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The motor is timed, the kit I purchased is quite complete and setting the timing is straight forward enough (after watching the U-tube vids a couple of times....).

I am now starting to reassemble stuff. Cleaned up the sub-frame this morning and installed new motor mounts. Removed the lower control arms and ordered new ones as well as new stab end links.

Replaced the flywheel bolts and torqued them. Re-installed the oil pan cover and attached the passenger side axle guide piece. Cleaning up the lower timing cover was no fun but it is done and installed the new front main seal is as well.

I am thinking to install the front diff next and fill it with gear oil, then set the motor on the sub-frame after which the trans can be bolted to the engine. Then it will be time to take the timing kit off and get the the three timing covers back on and the valve covers. Still would need to complete the front of the engine. Monday is shot with logistics for the kids but Tuesday and Wednesday should be a good five - six hours of progress and by the end of the week I should be ready to roll the whole thing back in to the chassis :-)
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