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Hi Maindog, I am a rookie at X5 trouble shooting. I will give you what help I can. It would help if you gave more information regarding the AUTEL Codes. What do these codes indicate? Getting the ews code after pulling a fuse and getting the car alarm suggests a voltage drop to the ews. Make sure you are getting good battery voltage and try reprogramming your key.

As far as INPA only communicating with your engine sounds like an INPA download problem. You may have to reload INPA, but before you head down that road can you give more details about your INPA setup? What version of windows you are running on what computer and what version of INPA you are using might help to start.

Getting your computer to properly connect INPA and your X5 will help to clarify the trifecta light codes. It appears that you have done a lot of electrical repair work. I am wondering if you did this because the components were faulty or you decided to try anything to get rid of the trifecta. I ask because there may be a cascading effect of replacing parts that stopped communication between the DME and the TCM.
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