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Originally Posted by Emory39 View Post
4.8isguy. A question. How fast does the radio boots up when you turn on the car for the first time that day? Mine takes about 40sec, and it bothers me lol
On the Xtrons, just choose different settings for boot up. This used to drive me nuts as well. I changed the system sleep or some setting or another so that it doesn't power all the way down. I get in and the thing is booted and ready. If I had my radio here, I'd share the steps, but its... uhhh.. it's bz.

BTW, thanks for that link with the new Xtrons units in it above. I have ordered the 9.0 OS version of the same unit I have now. I had been looking for a reason to upgrade the NAV in the white 4.4. Now I see the octa-core with 9.0 and it's done. I'm pretty sure the unit is plug and play swap for the Xtrons in the blue one. The white one from OE Nav will be a bit more involved like the blue one before it.
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