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New X3 owner need HELP

Just picked up a 2010 x3i with 100k and Im just getting around prepping it for the road.

have the famous P0015 code
exhaust camshaft position timing over-retarded bank 1

Ive cleaned the solonoids and swaped them, still got the same code after 15 min or so of normal running, bought a new camshaft sensor and replaced the old, still have this code popping up.
I was hoping the solonoid swap would give me something to go after, but at this point i don't want to be chasing and replacing more sensors if i don't have to.

Im trying to get the IMPA working to get a better reading but im having running issues with it at the moment, so I can't use it, and my PA Soft 1.4 that Ive used on my e46s won't read the DME on the x3 for some stupid reason while it reads all other things.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

also on a side not, yesterday BOTH my remote keys stopped working for some strange reason, and I can't get it to re program using the usual (position 1, take out and press unlock + Lock x3 buttons)
Not sure if this might have something to do with it but the interior light doesn't come on when I open the doors.

and to top it off I see a leak from the oil pan, its slow but its dripping ever so slightly in the rear by the trany, I cleaned it all up and it seems the gasket is very flexible. This is making me think that someone might have replaced it already and maybe did not tourque it properly... should the gasket be hard at this point of milage or am I thinking right?
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