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Originally Posted by myeaglescout View Post
...If I hit the button to slow it down below the lowest setting, the display goes dark as if it is turning everything off, but then it powers back up on low. ...

Need more details about the bolded text in your quote above. When is it powering back up? When you restart the vehicle? Or does it come back on regardless if the vehicle is running or not?

The IHKA (auto-climate system) is designed to turn back on at the lowest setting when it has been shut down completely. If you return to the car BEFORE it goes into SLEEP mode (approx 16 minutes)...then the system will stay shut down. But if you've shut the IHKA off...and then return to the car after 16 minutes...the system will start on the lowest setting...which then allows you to only have to press the button ONCE if you still want the system off.
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