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Thx for the reply, Q. Whether the car is running or not, if I push the left arrow button while it in the lowest blower setting, it immediately goes dark and then comes back on as soon as I push the left arrow on the blower control. In less than a second it comes on back in low. Mainly, I notice it when I'm turning the key on to the run position to use my scan tool. I can hear the blower running on low and it's draining the battery, so I try to turn it off, but it comes right back on. I don't sit around with the key in position usually, so it isn't really an issue. Mostly just curiosity.

I figure it just might be designed that way (like chevy started to do back in the 80's sometime), but it isn't addressed in my manual as far as I can see.

I have noticed that sometimes when I get into the car and start it, the blower is actually about midway to high..and I never have it there when I shut it down. Usually, it's on low or close to it. I have not thought to check to see if it's more or less than 16 min since I last was in the car, but I'll make a note to see if that makes any difference going forward. It does go into sleep mode as designed at the 16min mark, I do know that.
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