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Originally Posted by andrewwynn View Post
There was a recent thread where the diesel wouldn't put out full power because of a vacuum problem (I guess used to control boost). Could be as simple as that.

I'm guessing you have not driven a similar car to know if the acceleration is on par. The D has a shitload of torque and has a very snappy launch. If you aren't seeing that, something is amiss
+1 on everything Andrew said - you need to determine that state of the boost system. With a pooched turbo (or failed turbo boost control) I would not be surprised if it won't get above 3,000rm in top gear...

First thing you need to do it verify any DDE (engine ECU) codes - using software tools that are designed for BMW M57 engines - not just a generic ODB tools. Any serious boost control failure will present codes.

BTW, what year 3.0D do you have? Build dates up to Sept 2003 should be 135kW and from Sept 2003 onwards (until late 2006) should be 160kW.
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