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Originally Posted by andrewwynn View Post
There was a recent thread where the diesel wouldn't put out full power because of a vacuum problem (I guess used to control boost). Could be as simple as that.

I'm guessing you have not driven a similar car to know if the acceleration is on par. The D has a shitload of torque and has a very snappy launch. If you aren't seeing that, something is amiss
Do you remeber the title or have a link?

Regarding acceleration it does not feel particularry slow and if i pedal it then it has no problems overtaking other cars. It feels fine in the city, only transmission is a bit dodgy for me as it likes to hold gears arround 2 k revs, i would like it to shift to next gear faster tbh... But somebody told me it's normal as these gearboxes are slow and not sporty I dunno...

Also I noticed it consumes a lot of fuel it shows average of 15-16 l/100 km on odometer if that is to be trusted in city (winter).
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