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New owner, coolant sensor question...

Hey all.

I just got a 2004 X3 with 195k on it, and im chipping away ar making it good. So far i have cured my misfires, and lean codes, with a new boot, plugs and valve cover gasket. I found my coolant leak is the expansion tank. I replace it and the level sensor at the same time with üro parts. After install and bleeding the low coolant light would not go away. Took out the sensor and got a new one coming. Reinstalled the original. Now its on all the time! When i open the hood, it resets but comes back on. I have no leaks, and the system holds pressure. The little popup says its full.

When the new one comes in, ill drain the tank and replace it. Wish that hose did not have to come off...

I guess ill check the wiring too.
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