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Have you disconnected power (the battery) recently? If so, then that would wipe out any of the saved OBC features to the IKE.

The OBC info that appears in the IKE (instrument cluster) has to be programmed to appear there. The main display for the OBC is the Nav screen (or MID). The 20 digit alpha/numeric display in the IKE has first priority to the Check Control System. That is why any OBC feature displayed in that field will be removed if the check control system needs to put up a warning.

Again, if the battery was disconnected...the IKE display can lose its programming...and all you need to do is press & hold the BC button on the turn signal stalk. This will bring up PROG on the IKE's display and the Nav screen should give you a selection of OBC features that you can select. The order in which you select will be the same order they appear when you scroll through them as you press the BC button on the stalk.

Also, as mentioned can quickly determine if the pixels are gone by performing OBC TEST 2. This is actually one of the tests that you don't have to UNLOCK the cluster to perform. If the pixel pattern doesn't appear or the pattern isn't uniform across the display...then there's an issue with the pixels. If you are not familiar with the procedure to UNLOCK the cluster to access these tests...see the instructions below and take note of the 1st 3 paragraphs...again, to perform TEST 2 doesn't require unlocking the cluster...but you start the procedure the same by pressing & holding the CC (check control) button on the left side of the cluster while turning the key in the ignition ON.

{the UNLOCK procedure is the same for all HIGH clusters on the e38/e39/e53}

To reprogram the OBC features you want to appear in the IKE's & hold the BC button on the turn stalk until you see PROG appear in the IKE's display:

The Nav screen will then display all the options you can MEMORIZE:

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