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Things to replace at 120k miles

I am thinking of keeping my E70 X5 4.8 (n62) until 200k miles. I have already replaced the following main engine items in the past 30k miles (3 years time), aside from regular wear items like brakes, oil, filters etc.

1. Coolant reservoir
2. Coolant pipes
3. Transfer pipe and valley pan
4. Coolant rear pan (back of engine)

5. Valve cover seals/gasket
6. Spark plugs and coils
7. Vacuum pump seal
8. Timing cover seals/gaskets

9. Pulleys
10. Belts

11. Transmission fluid
12. Mechatronics sleeves

Do you guys know what else I should replace in the engine? Maybe engine and transmission mounts? How about suspension and steering parts?

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