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Originally Posted by Kewl X5
It is funny. I think it depends if you have NAV or not. However, I do have the Verizon Treo 650 which is officially according to Palm and BMW NA, not compatible with any BMW bluetooth system.

I think it depends which firmware your Treo 650 has and which type of Treo650 you have (Verizon, Sprint, & Cingular). The interesting thing is that the Cingular and Sprint is suppose to be compatible with the BMW bluetooth system and NOT the Verizon. My Verizon Treo 650 does pair and transfer the phone book to both my E53 and E46 car. However, my E53 does NOT have BMW NAVIGATION system and it seem to pair and transfer the phone book a little quicker (I have tons of favorites). My E46 with BMW OEM NAV took a little longer to transfer the phone book, but now it does transfer the "favorites". I have heard Verizon Treo 650 pair and transfer phone books in the 1st gen -552 ULF as well.

I think the audio quality of the -522 ULF is suppose to be better than the older ULF. The -522 ULF does support GSM SMS as well. The SMS Text Messages will show up on your NAV screen or MID screen (if you don't have NAV).

I agree with Rangerfan, I can't live without my Treo 650 and finally we got Hayaku on board with the Treo 650 and he loves it as well.
I'm trying to love it also. Now if I could just get it to dial from the steering wheel, and figure out what those (?) after the names when i choose a name and push the Navi knob.
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