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The point is that is not necessary to tie the virus to a country. It doesn't matter what was done in the past. It's an invitation to those that will twist that into racist comments and behavior toward Chinese Americans.

There is no disease that randomly kills that is a good thing.

There is so much misinformation and self serving spins I suggest the only place one should rely on is the information put out by the CDC, in particular the website.

I don't see the complacency unless it is responding with too little too late. I don't know if it is ignorance, stupidity or self serving to disband a team of experts that was dedicated to monitoring the globe and responding to potential pandemic diseases. Pretty hard to be prepared when there is no early warning system and preparedness watchdogs. We are behind the curve and it is likely we will continue to be. When you have political leadership directing the experts many will become 'political experts' or be taken out of the loop. Once an expert becomes political the result is confusion and over and under reaction by the public----buying three grocery carts of toilet paper or still going on spring break or bar hopping.

There is quite a difference, assuming a correction was needed at this particular time, between a market correction and what this event will cause. National debt will increase as will personal debt. Unemployment rates will quickly and drastically increase. Even if it is over soon the impact will extend far beyond the 'all clear.'

Upside is for those of us that have a BMW because we like to drive it gas is really getting cheap. Unfortunately there is no place to go or we shouldn't go the places we can.
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