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Originally Posted by bcredliner View Post
Notice that Trump's support group takes the stage and has to stand looking at the press silently so Trump can make an entrance. Certainly they didn't come out without direction and they wouldn't come out if Trump wasn't already there. They know about the time for the press conferences and they never start on time.
Just remember that those people are there because they work for POTUS and even in everyday life you would wait for the boss to make his statement and not start before them. It was this way under Obama, Bush, Clinton. Everyone has their own opinion on what is said, done or implied but it should make everyone pause and wonder if they're upset more along party lines when upset over the exact same format that has been done for all the previous administrations regardless of party.

There are plenty of things to be unhappy about but we all should make sure it's substantive and not a perception that we make into a reality.

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