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I've done 75+ ZF trans jobs ranging from the 6hp19 and up. Sub 80K i use Liqui moly toptec 1800 fluid. Over 80K- they all get Redline D4. If you did your mech seals and valvebody, run this fluid.
My 4.8is tranny had issues 2x- first when i bought it to fix it @138k, and 2nd ~20k miles down the road. I don't drive the truck easy and right now at 173k it runs better then the first time i fixed it.

The redline runs a little thicker at temp and the higher mileage cars love it. It's fixed alot of X5's for people who were having minor to moderate issues with trans. My one daily 528xi has 220k OE tranny, and stage 3 XHP trans flash- runs like a bull.

Also- if this is your last ditch effort before swapping trans- do the following-

-Half bottle lucas trans additive
-Rest redline D4 fluid

That took care of 4 6hp's that were having moderate issues that were being pesky, including my own 4.8is.
2006 X5 4.8is Fully Loaded

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