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Originally Posted by andrewwynn View Post
My two x5 3.0 turn about 2600 at 75 mph. 3500 is way too high I hope you are exaggerating.

3.91/4.1*3500=3337. It's not a very big difference.
Yep, on a 5 spd manual, it's about 3570 rpm @ 75 mph (actual - indicated is 3 mph less and 100 rpm less).

Putting in 3.64 diffs is a better option and drops the rpm @ 75 to 3170.

I just did this about a year ago and posted about it. You have to pay attention to the axle flanges as they're different between the 3.0 manual and all the auto X5's (except IS models, which are the same as the manual).

Here's the link:

I did this as part of a MAJOR refresh (at only 110k miles) - diff swap, convert to single mass flywheel & new clutch, trans detents and shifter bushings, front suspension overhaul, and oil pan gasket replacement.

I did press new bushings into the tension struts, and it's easy. Just make sure you align the triangle marks and leave 1/4" of the bushing showing on each side. I also recommend dropping the subframe and doing the oil pan gasket because you're 90% of the way there, and your oil pan gasket WILL leak, when not if.
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