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Originally Posted by rpoitras View Post
For the amount of work it is to get in there, I would definitely NOT use any type of rubber band. With the summer heat it's going to dry them out and fail again, and I'm sure BMW used a "better" type of rubber which still failed. I would look into using some type of metal spring on each tab which won't wear easily -- think close-pin type spring but a bit weaker. Mine are shot as well but I've just refused to tear into it but it's annoying as hell that they don't work. If anyone finds an easy way to do this please share.
I definitely understand what you are saying, and I was also wondering about the quality of rubber used at the factory vs an everyday set of rubber bands, but as posted previously, a metal spring that would fit in the space is likely not available. If I could keep the car apart for a while, I could spend time searching for the right size spring and testing different ones from amazon, ebay, or some online supply house.
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