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Rear Driver-Side Door Stuck

Good Evening All,

Been a little while, got a 2006 E53 this go around. *Edit LH Drive
Spent all day getting it road worthy after sitting for five months.
Part of the agenda today was replacing the driver’s side carrier grouping.
So if that is what this ends up being I won’t be terribly upset since it takes a little less than an hour to do.

Getting to the diagnosis,
Door will not operate from either side, when using the outside handle you can hear the mechanism moving and it pulls to the full range and goes back flush. I can’t remember for the life of me if this worked when it was parked. From the inside, the handle has tension but you can’t hear anything audible moving inside the door... most likely child lock engaged if the 2006 was equipped with one.

I don’t have any door ajar lights on the dash and no interior lights are on, I haven’t attempted to have someone push from the outside while attempting to use the outside handle which it might just be stuck. Going to attempt this when I get the kids to bed in half an hour.

Door unlocks with all key and button commands and window operates normally too.

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