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Originally Posted by andrewwynn View Post
Double lock motor failure.

Try the double lock inside override. (sit inside the car, use key fob to lock the car, press twice to deactivate the motion alarm, then hold the central lock button and at the same time pull the door handle inside.

If child lock engaged I'm not sure if the double lock will stay off and you can subsequently unlock from outside.

The next most likely candidate is that one of the release cables is not returning fully to reset the latch. You will have to wriggle off the inside panel to get to the door actuator, usually disconnect the cable/s and manually pull the latch lever.

If the double lock motor is dead you can manually flip the double lock but it's tricky to get to it as it's covered by the weather protection.
Hey Andrew! Thank you for the reply!

Iíll give the double locking trick a try. The battery had died after being locked with the key fob some months ago. I had initially tried to get this vehicle going three weeks ago but I was stuck with the dilemma of a dead battery and broken driver side exterior handle while parked on the street in front of my house that had more traffic than usual due to a road closure. Eventually got the door inflated enough to pull the inside handle, pop the hood, get a jump pack on it and managed to get the passenger side doors open just left them unlocked so I could do what I had to do yesterday. So Iím not sure if it was double locked but that was my initial fear.

Can that freeze up on just one door?
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