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What did you do to / for your E53 today??

Originally Posted by PalmSpringsE534.6 View Post
EOD...does the NuGlass polish work to "fill" the little pits in the windshield?

Purplefade...can you take a moment to describe the application process you use? Does it take care of small pitting?

Hey PS, I put mine on just like Im applying it on the body, I just let it sit about a minute longer and use a bit lighter pressure to buff it off the windshield. Takes me a few minutes to get it clear/evened out but the guy I picked it up from said the letting it sit that little bit longer allows it to adhere to the glass a bit better [emoji106]

When I say light pressure, I use just enough to wipe the windshield down and once its dry and set, usually the next morning, I go back with a clean micro fiber rag and give it a quick once over wipe down a second time. (Probably not necessary, but old habits die hard..)

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