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Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World's Most Dangerous Man.....

Welp, discuss.

Ive not read the whole book, excerpts and have listened to her interviewed 5 or 6 times, two on long form podcasts.

In particular the concept that Donnie has been, essentially, institutionalized for his entire life is fascinating..... He has always been in an environment where reality was controlled and he was protected from the results of his behaviors. Home, military school, when Fred Sr was running the biz...even when he took over the biz, the staff and exec managers created the reality for him.

And now, he fires people that dont tell him what he wants. Staff makes sure he isn’t told bad news (“The reports of Russian bounties never made it to my desk”...). Staff is told “dont talk about russia”. So they dont.

How can a human being who is so utterly incompetent at his job manage to maintain sanity? By refusing to accept reality.

I love the folks who continue to view DJT through the prism of a sane human. As if he thinks about the world, the country, other people, like any other president. Or even just like a responsible adult.

Then I hear people say “its the MSM, they lie” or “well I like some of his policies, just his tweeting is an issue”. Or “well the protestors ARE anti fascist”...... I mean the guy is mentally incompetent yet people are so afraid of ‘the left’ that they have turned a blind eye to utter crazy.
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