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Question Pre-Facelift to Facelift- Various Retrofits?


I managed to find a parts 4.6is with the bumper and arches. I want to install them on my facelift 2004 3.0i. I've heard that the bumpers are exactly the same in the rear for pre-facelift and facelift. Is this true? Also trying to get the wheel arches. Based on pictures it seems like the rear "is" arches are the same, but I can't tell on the front arches. Is there a difference in facelift vs pre-facelift front "is" arches? Also does $500 sound like a decent price for the rear bumper and arches? Sounds like a lot to me but there aren't many other prices to compare to. If only it was a 4.8 I would have taken the front bumper too.

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