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Thanks for the info. I'm hoping my car is prewired. If it's not I'll just leave the sensors in the bumper and not use them lol. Is there a good way to check if it's prewired? I think I found another thread talking about it but not sure where to look on my car for the harness. Not ready to take the bumper off until I have the other one. Luckily the seller isn't making me buy everything together as a kit so I'm not getting the front bumper. Already have this (not my car, pic from another xoutpost thread by Clockwork)

I can't find an lci 4.8 bumper anywhere so far so I think I'll stick with just this skid plate and maybe black grilles. Also I don't have headlight washers so that makes the search harder.

I think I'll just pick up the PDC module and only rear sensors. To get the fronts I'll have to get the seller to remove the front bumper. Anyone know the location of the gong and the module?

Also I want to get the illuminated door handles from the car but don't want to swap door panels. Is there a way to pull out the handles without taking the panels off?

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