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Odd "Triad Light" Symptoms

I have an '05 X3, with approximately 187,000 miles. It's well maintained.

A few years ago, at around 145,000 miles I had the ABS, Brake and 4x4 lights come on. The cruise stopped working. Replaced both rear brake sensors and everything was good again.

Last night I was on the highway doing around 75 and the same lights came on again. The cruise control still worked, though. When I got off the highway I had to stop at a light. When I started driving again the car was in limp mode.

I called my mechanic this morning who said it was probably OK to drive it to work today, since it's only about a mile and at 30 MPH, but I shouldn't do much more with it until he sees it next week.

I got in the car and started it up. The lights were still on. I drove about 20 feet and all the lights went off. It wasn't in limp mode anymore. It was driving as if nothing happened.

The diff and t-case oils were replaced at the time I did the brake sensors. I have to assume it's still good with only 40K on it. I don't hear any clicking from the actuator motor when I shut the car off.

I'm an old guy who has owned a number of BMWs over the years and know that these cars rarely heal themselves.

Anybody have any ideas?

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