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Originally Posted by upallnight View Post
Why do owners come on this forum and ask for DIY advice but are too cheap to buy the equipment to DIY?
Cool story, Its not a matter of too cheap. I own a fleet of cabs, do 90% of the required work on them myself...Pay for a legitimate toyota TIS professional diognostic subscription to have access to digital tools I need for them, Its also far from being a case of being unwilling to acquire the appropriate tools....

but we are also in the middle of a pandemic that is causing pandemonium with logistics and stocking. I have had things that should be overnighted from a city 4 hours drive away take over a month to arrive....So, Having not needed one up until this point, as stated I was hoping getting my hands on one was not the only way to diagnose a fan issue...I was hoping someone with a more intimate understanding of the X's fan control systems would have a simple "oh yeah, just unplug this...or just bridge that, and the fan will run if its not shagged" instead of potentially waiting weeks just to be able to diagnose it, then weeks again for the correct part to arrive after figuring out what it needs.

In short...sorry for asking a fucking question...your highness.
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