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The story of "Swamp Thing"

I've been lurking here for a while and finally decided to join in on the fun.

Last year I bought an E83 X3 and gave it to the Mrs as her first car and not too long after she realized that it was just a liiiiiiiiiitle bit too small for her to fit a lot of the items she's picking up.

She's in the vintage/antique business and is always stuffing the X3 to the roof with milk cans, wicker furniture etc etc. and it seems like quite a few things are just a couple inches too big to be able to fit.

Now I don't know about you, but to me that sounds like I get to shop for more truck

I was on the hunt for a relatively low KM 6 cylinder facelift model with a working A/C but ever since COVID the prices have gone up and demand has increased to the point where any ads that looked clean were gone within 24 hours.

Around these parts it was the hottest and longest summer that I ever remeber and naturally the A/C doesn't work on the X3 which was definitely putting some pressure on me trying to find her an upgrade.

Another big issue is that I live in the middle of nowhere and it's a couple hours drive to the city so by the time I would see a listing and get a reply from the seller it would usually be "There's a guy coming to look at it".

Finally I find something interesting with a listed phone number and I happen to be going in that direction.

The seller is an older couple and the husband had a stroke 6 months ago which is why they're selling the car, sounds promising.

It's about an hour away from Toronto in I decide to drive up there and check it out.

I had an idea it was going to be a nicer house when I heard "We left the gate open for you"

Impressive Property

The X....not so much

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