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The owner and his wife were probably in their late 60s early seventies. They spent the winters in Florida and used to drive the X down there.

2005 M54 3.0 with 218k (pretty low km for these parts) and they're asking $2500.

The old guy tells me there's some noise coming from the back but other than that the car is "very reliable"

When I first pulled up to the house the tailgate was unlocked with a roofing shingle placed in between the hinge. "the battery dies after sitting for a while so we have it disconnected, but it's brand new"...right on

The back is all torn apart, I reconnect the battery and the truck does start right up so I take it for a quick drive.

As the ol' guy told me, it sure is making noise in the back. I can't quite tell if it's the brakes or something else in the rear but everything is rusty and stiff from sitting around.

After the quick drive I give it a bit better look...

A/C does work
windows and doors work
panoramic roof works
Front outer boots are torn
a little "moist" underneath
The brake rotors are a little rusty from sitting and it looks like they might clean up ok but they definitely will need rear pads.

oh and the usual check engine and several other lights are on in the dash.

Also, the carpet is wet, VERY wet. Push your finger and water squirts wet and overall the interior condition is gross.

I told the owner this isn't exactly what I'm looking for and that it clearly needs quite a bit of work. For me this would basically be a parts car and I wouldn't pay more than $1000.

He says he'd like $2000 and I proceed to give him back the key when the wife says "How about $1200?"

So like the dummy I am, I made the deal and had the car towed back to home base.
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