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Originally Posted by timmyc View Post
Obviously a dog was in there ruining the leather. The PO of my X did the same but not to the extent of what I can see of your passenger seat. Let me know if you find a way to repair the lifting of the leather where the dogs nails scratched it. I have several I need to try to repair.

From what I have read, the leather has a clear coat on it. I was thinking of dye then some kind of clear coat. Still researching that one.
This was definitely the dog road trip car. Personally I would never be able to drive around with the sound of dog nails on my leather seats.

There's a couple things you can try depending on how bad it is and what result you're ok with.

You can literally use leather glue depending on the damage, but realistically if it's anything deep you have to fill, sand and paint.

I have seen some VERY good results from the kits used here:
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