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Looking at all the rust on the floor and thinking about whatever else could possibly be lurking (I haven't even done a thorough code scan at this point) I started wondering if it's worth getting into this...

I sent a buddy (a fellow enthusiast and also e53 owner) a few pictures of what I was looking at.

Me - "See all that rust? Think I should get into all of this? Sanding and painting?"

Friend - "From the looks of things you're all ready into it, might as well do it right"

Right! A moment of weakness!!

The sanding was a slow and unpleasant process but I got everything cleaned up and ready for paint, but don't hate me...

I used the white rust paint I had on hand

I KNOW! I KNOW!! But nobody is going to see it!!

Look it's not so bad I promise

When I was painting the floor around area around the gas pedal I noticed that the carpet area was STILL a little wet, so out came the fans again but the rest was ready to be put back together.

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