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2003 4.6is rear end

To your question, if you have another vehicle I would drive that, if not, knowing that the subframe bushings are falling apart I would avoid hard launches, hard stops and speed bumps but at very low speeds, up the front and down the back side. Should be ok until Tuesday and they didn’t fail “yesterday” and the previous owner probably didn’t just let it sit either. That said, only you know how bad they are, so make your best, educated guess and roll with it [emoji106]

If you have purchased them already, that’s cool, if not, PST or PSB makes a set of urethane bushings that are a quality busing at a considerable savings over OE style.

Keep us posted on the repair.

EDIT: I would also avoid situations where you slow roll to a stop but don’t stop completely where the nose goes down, rear unloads and then you hit the gas, that will cause the bushings to “slam” down in their housings usually resulting in a nasty metal on metal sounding bang.

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