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Originally Posted by x5Alpine View Post
I recently purchased a 2003 4.6is and immediately noticed a loud thump from the rear going over certain bumps and a loud creaking/thump from the rear when accelerating from a stop. I believe from research that it is the subframe bushings so my question is is it ok to drive the car until next Tuesday when they are getting replaced? I just worry about the issue pulling the bolts out of the body or possibly damaging/cracking the mounting points like an E46 M3.
That's a common thing to have the rear sub bush evaporate, had the same issue went through with it while I was in there did every suspension component on the vehicle as there's like 80 bushings in these cars and they all wear out when the 100th owner dumps the non-maintained vehicle onto the next guy. All my bushings were completely broken and so slam on a good start.
The bentley E53 manual says you need to completely drop the subframe out but there's a special tool I used that lets you remove and install the bushings just with a floor jack and one bolt removed, this saved me a lot of time and patience. I also heated the exhaust hangars with torch to bent it out of the way and then back again for access to the rear subframe bolts.
2003 4.6, esotril blue, over 215,000KM. Every previous owner failed to keep up the vehicle maintenance. Restoration project.
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