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Thanks a lot Andrew and Crystalworks.

I'll have a chat with the current garage again tomorrow about using something a bit more significant to help clear the oil, someones recommended green Swarfega but at the very least, copious amounts of water. They may say 2 hours is too cost prohibitive in labour but if they can leave it running and return back to it every 30mins may be viable.

Naturally, the first thing to do is to clear all this thick black oil out. After that, is there anyway of actually proving that the oil cooler is/isn't at fault when it comes to this part on an automatic (where the ATF gets integrated into the cooling system)? The garage believes that this can't easily be done and recommends replacing the unit. This is a fairly hefty bill for something that was ready to be sold, so if there are some 'alternative' and 'outside the box' suggestions, I'd be interested in trying them.

I'll return here to keep you updated. Really annoying when you invest time in helping someone and never get feedback as to whether it was what you suggested
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