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My X3 has 17, 18 and 19 inch rims / tyres on the door placard. Mine had 235/45 19 front and 255/40 19 rear when I bought it. I have since had a set of 225/55 17's all round and a few weeks ago I changed to some E53 rims and tyres 235/65 17's. Each time I loaded the rim and tyre specifications (including offset) into a calculator (like this before fitting. It will highlight the changes so you can determine if it's a wise move. My current rim tyre combination has raised my vehicle by 29mm. There are no issues with suspension or brake clearance. On the plus side, I have a smoother ride and the speedo dial is spot on with GPS speed. On the negative side, the wheel alignment is not quite within specs on the rear. I will keep an eye on any tyre wear issues. The most important thing is to have the circumference the same on all 4 corners for Xdrive longevity. Each time I have fitted the different combinations I have reset the adaptions in the transfer case. Where different rim widths are used, such as with the factory fitted 19 inch option, tyre choice is critical to maintain the circumference parity.

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