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Originally Posted by o2bad455 View Post
We've been so impressed with the handling of our E53 X5 SAV versus all our previous SUVs, that we decided to try an E83 X3 SAV. So, we recently picked up our 3rd used BMW, an extremely clean US-spec 2008 E83 3.0si with S337 sport, S710 leather and S715 aero packages. My better half liked the style, and the idea that it'd be easier to squeeze into tight city parking spots.

Although the hood opened for me just before purchase (when I'd fortunately checked the fluids), it's had a stuck hood release ever since. Are there any tips or tricks on how to get the hood opened in order to replace the release cable(s)? We've already tried driving over railroad tracks while pulling the kick-panel lever, but no dice.

It's also apparently in need of a new transfer case actuator gear, which we've decided to upgrade to the metal version.

It had a small crack in the rear hatch lower plastic valance, possibly due to city parking and/or opening inside a low-ceiling garage. In attempting to replace, we seem to have picked up a smaller version (recessed from bumper). Is the larger valance at the bottom of the rear hatch (flush with bumper) a model year (and/or USA/Canada) difference, or possibly an aero package element?

The door jamb says 18" wheels. but it's got OEM 19". Would these have been added, or part of one of its options packages? If we winter drive it, I presume we can use E53 X5 17" wheels with smaller OD X3 tires; although at least one tire dealer says minimum 18", which doesn't make sense to me unless it's got bigger front brakes than the non-sport E83 - anyone know definitively?
18" and 19" wheels where factory upgrade options but the 17" wheels should fit without any issues as that's what came standard and the brake calipers are all the same from BMW.

Sounds like you have a sport package option which would give you color matched bumpers and the aero styling. The regular bumpers look like they were made by NERF compared to the other ones.

I haven't looked for replacement sport bumpers but I don't see them on the roads much so I'm sure it will be a pain in the ass to source in good shape and the color your want.

You might want to consider having the bumper plastic welded.
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