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Originally Posted by kspark View Post
Nice work with the fenders, makes a big difference.

I put 2k miles on my X5 over the last week. 8 mountain passes and a few hundred miles off-road as well as snow and ice let me properly test out the tire setup.

Quite happy with the Wildpeaks. They performed well in the snow and made a HUGE improvement on trails compared to 19s and stock Bridgestones.

I did find the limit of the X5 while off roading though.

A few miles of rough stuff and my car developed a surging idle and I smelled something odd... maybe brakes or torque converter? No idea what else it could be. I had DSC off. After I let her rest for a few hours, the surging idle was gone and it drove perfectly again. But the BMW made it clear to me it prefers to be on pavement or gravel.

It won't go everywhere a Tacoma can, but it's a great trail ride.

Glad that you liked the WildPeak's. I think that there are a lot of very good AT tires on the market so its hard to make a bad choice.

Tell us more about your experience of finding the limit of the X5 while off roading. That's got to be a good story!
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