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BLACK INTERIOR MATTERS - Changing Interior Trim to Black

This process is pretty much good to change absolutely any colour trim on your BMW X5 E53

So basically had always in mind to change the interior Trim pieces from WOOD to Black Cosmos.

Especially while living in a cold country like Canada where it goes from +40 to -40 during 365 Days of 1 Year of my Life time out of 100 years that Im suppose to Last!!!

Anyways Here is a short Video of the pain that Ive went through not just changing the Door and Panel trim Pieces, but Also the Center Console Arm rest Wood trim to Black Cosmos where I had to remove the Seat etc...

Essentially I had an issue where previous owner had trusted a car to some Unidentified mechanic (Who most likely just climbed of a tree before migrating to Canada and pronouncing himself a "mEchanic") and meanwhile installing a BackUp camera for the X5, while running the wire from Android box to the back, through the pillar of the passenger side, where he unplugged the Panoramic sunroof Drainage Rubber Hose. Which lead to a complete lower interior to be sunk by water contamination from the drainage channels. And the entire Carpet section to be wet after every time it rains

BTW if you would like to avoid these adventures in the situation where you are looking to buy an X5 E53, then CLICK HERE... BMW X5 DRAINAGE TEST

-Its a short video on how to check your Drainage if you have sunroof or panoramic roof with just a bottle of water.

Anyways Here is the actual process recorded for your info

CLICK THIS LINK - Support with Subscription Comments Likes and shares if you find this interesting

Let me know if there re any questions
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