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Originally Posted by Happy View Post
As a former defender of Americaís freedoms, I was willing to sacrifice my life for this country. Life changing events happen to military personnel all the time. My personal experiences while on active duty led me in my choice to abstain from voting. Itís worked out for me personally to this day.

You say you are disappointed, and saddened by any and all Americans that choose not to vote. So, for some of us, the fact that we were and are willing to sacrifice our lives means absolutely nothing to you personally, if we do not vote. You are free to feel that way. I should know, I personally defended that freedom, as well as multiple generations of family members.

I stopped reading your FYI when you asserted that I am a coward.

Yes, I expressed my strong opinion on voting in the United States. If you did not read all of my post then you missed some important qualifying points, which you may possibly agree with. I think the multiple quotes from people whom I respect, speak for themselves on this important issue.

Thankfully, in the United States, you have the right to choose not to vote, but you have not explained why you made your choice not to vote. So what are your reason(s), based on your active service? Did you experience some sort of life-changing event that convinced you that you should no longer participate in one of our country's most important and cherished freedoms?

Help me out here to understand your logic, which I currently do not.
You imply that you decided to join the U.S. military to serve our country and commit to possibly exposing yourself to bodily harm in the process, or even ultimately sacrificing your life, to "defend our freedoms". What is the point of having freedom in our country if you do not participate in one of its most important processes - to choose your local and state representatives, as well as our President and Commander-In-Chief?


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