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Originally Posted by Happy View Post
No, I think the masks and social distancing will probably help slow the spread. The vaccine is so new, without any substantial trials. Some have had allergic reactions, there have been some deaths, so there definitely is a need to continue research. So sitting around is not an option. I just donít think a group of people are going to heal the entire world. This disease has a mission, and unfortunately it is carrying it out pretty aggressively. I think itís up to us as individuals to keep healthy at this point, by following the guidelines.

But do I think Trump or Biden can fix this, IMHO, no.
Originally Posted by ard View Post
So much fail.
Because you say so. Now thereís the real fail.

Declaring that nothing humans can do will change the course of this disease is ignorant. And provably wrong.
I said wearing masks and social distancing will have an affect on the virus.

Not being able to read makes you ignorant. I donít care to prove you wrong, itís waste of my time.

Simply look at what other countries have done to control the outbreaks. Pretty simple, no?
Under control. Yeah, work on your reading skills.

A 'small team' has created a vaccine. The same team is adding variants to the 'cocktail'. They WILL control the pandemic.
Run Forest, run! Go get your vaccination.

You say " This pandemic will end when it exhausts itself out.". (as if it will stop when it is tired.) No, it will end when humans protect enough hosts that it no longer can thrive.
ďTiredĒ, haha.. ignorance at its finest. Your opinion, doesnít make it a fact. Nice try though.

Originally Posted by ard View Post
I'll let myself out now.....
Donít let the door hit you on the way out! Peace!
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