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Originally Posted by EODguy View Post
If you've tried his jumper setup and you still can't get full connection through the OBD2 then you might have a cracked OBD2 block like I did. I grabbed a block from a wrecked vehicle and rewired it.

No guarantees that this is your issue but all it takes is someone to wiggle the shit out of the block with a cable installed and stuff gets moved out of the pin holders. (For me at least)
Interesting ... I agree, with multiple scanners failing, it seems to point to a problem on the car side.

Do you think this could explain the recent issue I've been having with OBD? In chronological order:

(BTW, my 2001 was built in June 2001, and does not have the 20-pin round connector in the engine bay)

- Foxwell and PASoft both worked flawlessly, although sometimes giving slightly different results (which I think is to be expected).

- PASoft suddenly stopped working completely. Green light on box still on, but could not connect to the car.

- Foxwell was still working fine as far as I could tell, and then suddenly one day (between the beginning of the day and the end of the day) about half of the functionality stopped working. For example, it can no longer read the VIN.

I had originally blamed Windows Update on the PASoft not working (running it with Win10 since the beginning), but since the Foxwell problem, it sure seems to be on the car side. Would love for it to be something as easy as the connection block.
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