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Help with: Starter motor blocked due to P/N - Yes

I have a 2001 BMW X5 E53 3.0L (LHD) with automatic transmission that I just replaced the motor on. Got everything hooked up, turned on the key, dash lights up, then nothing, no crank/no start. Using a Autel Maxicom scanner I came up with various codes but the two that concerned me was the one in the subject line along with: - 42 EWS (Electronic Vehicle Immobilization System): key 5, incorrect random code. And yes, I have only one key.... I followed the instructions on the webpage: put in the 30A fuse and it cranked. I got an AK-90 and programmed the key, went back and still nothing. So now I am looking at the P/N issue. Also, the Gear Indicator Display indicator works at the stick but does not show up on the instrument panel which I believe points to an issue at the transmission range switch. Since that part is internal to the transmission, all I can do is check the plug/pins and they all look fine. I have access to the webpage and their wiring diagrams. My question is, is it possible to bypass the P/N detection switch so I can get the car running? Appreciate any help.
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