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Originally Posted by andrewwynn View Post
The bolt is m6-1.0x16 8.8

Spec is 7.5 ft·lb or about one strong pinky pull. Spec is usually 80% of yield Soo 7.5/.8=9.375 ft·lb to plastic deformation where it just stretches until destruction basically 10 ft·lb is enough to destroy the bolt.

Unfortunately you broke both on one side of the square I wouldn't drive that. Fortunately the hub of the water pump is open on the back and would not be difficult to drill out the broken bolts you can probably use left hand drill bits and get them out you only need 10 ft·lb torque.

Also: if the hub is tight like the wheels to center the pulley, turn the whole thing 45°and drill four new holes.

I have right angle drill adapter I could do it in place.

Thanks. 10 lbs is not a lot, even I know that! I def went too far.

The short term choice seems to be get some bolts locally and put the old pump back in for the time being or get the other car roadworthy and sort this out with some time. Parts I need for the '01 are arriving tomorrow by 8 pm. But what will I F up there?
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