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I warn you in advance that this is NOT your typical love story. It's impulsive and spontaneous. Mistakes were made, feelings were hurt and things were said that can never be taken back and this was all within days of meeting each other. But let's not get ahead of ourselves

The Mrs. had been booting around in my old work horse, a 2004 E83 which had over 370,000 km at the time and was in need of a good amount of maintenance. The rear wheel bearing needed replacing, the driveshaft was shot, front strut blown out and a few other odds and ends. Also the A/C wasn't working and summer was fast approaching.

Seeing as a driveshaft is $$$ and this thing had high km I was very hesitant to put much effort into fixing it and started looking for something in better condition. The size of the E83 was proving to be just a little bit too small for her needs since she's always trying to cram furniture in there for her business so I figured let's get her into an E53 right? Let the search begin!

Now I'll be the first to admit I'm a cheap bastard. The way I figure is I'd rather buy the cheaper vehicle out there within "reason" and do the maintenance myself and then I'll know exactly what condition things are in and were done properly. Having owned several BMWs I know what to expect and budget for so I'm not just going into things blindly.

Anyway because of COVID there's been a lot more interest in the used car market around here which not only affected prices also how quickly cars were selling. Every prospect I found sold within days and sometimes hours of being posted and the search was dragging on and on.

This last year was by far the longest and hottest summer I ever remember, we're well over the half way point and I still haven't been able to find what I was looking for. A 3.0 with the facelift, 2 keys, working A/C, no oil leaks ( yeeeeahhh riiiiight) under 250k. Personally I wanted the Panoramic roof but the Mrs never opens the sunroof so that wasn't a deal breaker. Just something that she can get in and drive without it being too much of a project (whatever that means)

Anyway finally I spot something interesting and go take a look at it. It was rough, made noises, dirty AF, threw up a ton of codes when I scanned it, leaked oil etc etc. Being a dumbass I made a lowball offer that was accepted and that is that story of Swamp Thing Like, Subscribe, hit the notification button and buy my mer....sorry I hear it so much it just started pouring out.

I got Swampy home knowing full well that it's much more of a project than I wanted...but this seems to be a theme I live by so I started looking into what it would take to get her road worthy for the Mrs.

We all know that right after you buy a car the best thing to do is pretend like it never happened and keep looking right? Well wouldn't you know it 2 days after Swampy got home I see an ad for something much better...2004 3.0 Black on Black, regular sunroof, 235k hmmmm so I secretly contact the seller. Any check engine lights? No, Any oil leaks underneath? No, A/C work? Yes

Upper management happened to be walking by while I was bitching to myself

"What's the problem?" - Management

"Aaaah the usual bullshit of a better looking deal always comes across right after yadda yadda yadda" I proceed to show her the ad.

"Well why don't know go look at it?" - Management

I look at her confused "Well I just bought Swampy"

"You should go check it out, if it's a better vehicle sell Swampy" - Management

No shit??? You don't have to tell me twice!

An hour later I'm looking at the car
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