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So it's the next day and it's time to get a good look at this thing in the daylight.

The paint has swirls all over it but aside from a little rusty "bump" in the back it's in ok shape. The rear passenger door has a little bit of rust developing on the bottom but nothing too major.

The Mrs. plans to use this as a working vehicle so she wasn't looking for "anything too nice". As long as the important mechanical bits are good and it's not too ugly I'm ok with some bumps and bruises.

The interior was in decent shape but the driver's side carpet had some pretty gnarly salt stains.

It comes with these cool AC pedals

The stereo has a spot on the screen but everything seems to work so I don't really care that much.

the little fan groans a little but works

The wheels were looking a bit rough but I think I can get them looking much better

Tail pipes need a good polish but the exhaust is in good shape.

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