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Hizpo Unit

So I went cheap and bought a "Hizpo" for about $214 (plus taxes). It was delivered faster than I expected and arrived about 10 days after I ordered it. It plugged straight into my existing harness, (I don't have a "DSP" button in my X5, which made life easier) and I'm up and running.

Initial thoughts are:
+ It's pretty fast and responsive
+ The Canbus adaptor works (despite not listing the E53 on it, just E39 and E46) so the steering wheel controls still function* (well, volume, I don't think I've messed about with the others)
+ I guess the canbus adaptor also tells the unit when reverse is engaged, as it automatically switched the display to the rear view camera that I fitted previously. (I'd only fed the camera feed up to the dash, but the old cheaper stereo I removed also needed a "reverse engaged" 12v signal to know when to turn on.. But that was a $35 stereo..)
+ It's bloody loud
+ It has a full 12(?) channel DSP function (which seemed to be an upgrade on a AVIN unit
+ Blends in very nicely to the dash. Certainly better than the previous temporary $35 unit.. ahem..
+ Appears to have excellent radio reception, and functioning RDS

- No instruction book (and I'm not an Android user, so am a bit new to this)
- Not sure yet how to secure the damn thing in the dash, having cut out some of the plastic gubbins to get it to fit
- Might be too loud - in that the volume increments are quite pronounced (i.e. it gets very loud very quickly, with limited fine control) but this might be only noticeable when stationary. It's probably fine when rolling with more background noise..
- I've yet to work out if I can really get the button colors to match the BMW 'orange' - I think there are options to 'blend' red and yellow..
- The control buttons were flashing earlier when I was playing with it. Hope that was because of something I'd done and not a problem..
- I have yet to work out where would be a good place to route the USB cable that connects to the rear of the unit..

I need to work out what Android apps will be useful in an E53 X5.. I assume there's a good diagnostic one, and CanBus reader? I have ordered a Bluetooth OBD2 reader..
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