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Originally Posted by ard View Post
Hmm. Good on you, but once I get to messing with the fluids, I get it all done at once...drain, quick fill w old to temp....then drain, pan, careful fill and new washers.

I can see the potential benefit of an extended interval- perhaps to pick up debris?- but mine never goes that long
You are absolutely correct, this is purely my personal preference.

1. I did not have a new pan last time so I just wanted to make sure some of the fluid is fresh and level is correct (was low by about 0.4L).
2. I set the correct level last time so next time will just measure what comes out and fill back the exact same amount (with engine idling) no need to warm up and drain the excess.

I usually do a drain/fill on the transmission every other oil change on all of our vehicles.
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